Index to first 50 posts

This is the 50th post to this blog. For my 25th post I provided a catalogue of my first 25 posts, and as promised then, I now provide a similar index for posts 25 to 50.

  • 50. Index to first 50 posts [this post]

If I make it to post 75, I’ll do the same again.


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I am Professor of Statistics within the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Durham University, UK. I am an Bayesian statistician interested in computation and applications, especially to engineering and the life sciences.

2 thoughts on “Index to first 50 posts”

  1. Hi Darren,
    Nice set of posts, thanks.

    I’m curious – I noticed that the content from some of these made it into (the second edition of?) your book, which I really like. Did the blog posts come first and then get added to the book or vice-versa? I.e. was drafting it up in blog post form helpful for converting into a book later?


    1. Both! Mainly the blog posts came first. I wrote the first edition before starting my blog, and used the blog to develop and update some of the topics covered in the first edition. I then included some of those topics in the second edition. For example, the explanation of PMMH in my book was cut-and-pasted from the blog and then edited. In general I do think it is useful, not least because it gives an opportunity for feedback. But there are also a couple of posts where I’ve wanted to explain something from the second edition of my book on the blog, so it works both ways. Cheers,

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