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I am Darren Wilkinson, Professor of Stochastic Modelling at Newcastle University, UK. This is my blog. It will be semi-serious, with the vast majority of posts relating in some way to my research interests. It will be low volume – I’ll aim for around one post per month. I have a separate posterous blog for material of a more personal or frivolous nature. This blog will cover my interests in stochastic modelling (surprise!), Bayesian statistics (including MCMC), statistical computing (including R and BioConductoR), e-Science and systems biology (including SBML). There will be a bias towards more computational and computing issues (probably slightly geeky, and possibly straying occasionally into issues relating to Web 2.0, open-source Linux and Ubuntu).

There will also be some coverage of my experiences working in molecular biology labs. I am fortunate enough to currently hold a BBSRC Research Development Fellowship, and this is allowing me (a statistician with no lab experience), to spend some time working in a couple of molecular biology and genetics labs. This has been a fascinating and rewarding experience for all kinds of reasons that I don’t have time to go into right now, but if I have time I will try and use this blog to make some observations about this experience that may be of interest to others working in the systems biology field.

Obviously, this blog is not intended to in any way replace or be an alternative to my regular scientific publications, but simply to augment them with some additional material not well-suited to peer-review journals.


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I am Professor of Statistics within the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Durham University, UK. I am an Bayesian statistician interested in computation and applications, especially to engineering and the life sciences.

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